The Best Cheap Decorating Blogs for Inspiration

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In the past, to make home improvements, you had to go to the bookstore. Websites and decorating blogs were created to assist homeowners with all aspects of home improvement projects, including painting or drilling holes.

Major, encyclopaedic remodel sites were next joined by a new breed: the home improvement/lifestyle blogger. These content producers incorporate family, friends, experiences, and personal stories into their home remodeling projects. This list of the best home remodelling blogs is not meant to be exhaustive.

Young House Love

John and Sherry are the best remodel bloggers right now. They balance the personal and professional with the homepun. John and Sherry’s Young House Love blog has over 3,000 projects. It is your one-stop shop for all things home. They also run a popular website and have two children.


This time machine will take you to Houzz’s infancy, before it was the corporate powerhouse it is today. Remodelista is the name of this decorating blog about home remodeling. Remodelista was started by four women from San Francisco Bay Area. It is now growing rapidly, but it still maintains the feel of a small shop with less than twenty editors and contributors.

Home Tips

Don Vandervort has been giving home remodelling advice since 1997 when many home lifestyle bloggers were still in kindergarten. Home Tips falls under the umbrella of an encyclopaedic website for home remodelling. You can drill down from drop-down menus to find the project you are working on.


Cassidy is the founder of Remodelaholic, a home remodelling blog. She loves to remodel, and she’s currently working on her fifth house. Cassidy came up with the brilliant idea of making this project a reader-driven website after demand exceeded supply.

Readers can now submit detailed plans for everything, from garden sheds to waterfall tables, which can all be replicated. Many of the contributors are also home remodel bloggers and use Remodelaholic as a platform to promote their blogs and sites.

Retro Renovation

Pam Keebler is the undisputed queen of mid-century home remodel blogging. Retro Renovation is your resource for home remodelling information related to the mid-century modern period.

Every article on this wonderful site is a testament to Pam Keebler’s enthusiasm. Pam Keebler’s 1951 colonial-ranch home in Lenox, Massachusetts is also available for you to view. Pam’s work is intimate and close-knit, so you can enjoy her personal take on everything, from the linoleum flooring phenomenon to the pine kitchen phenomenon in the middle of the last century.


Hammer zone’s simple website is not enough. Bruce Maki, the founder, has more to do than endlessly tweaking WordPress templates. He is involved in complex, complicated remodel projects such as house siding, foundations, and cutting holes into walls for window unit A/Cs. Hammer zone might be able to help you with a large project.

This Old House

This Old House has been chugging along for more than 40 seasons and is now a mainstay on PBS television. It is recognized as a leader in home remodelling advice.

Many shelter and home shows have websites that serve little more than as PR tools. This Old House’s website is more than a tool for the TV series. It is an independent force. This Old House’s website offers a wealth of tutorials for everything from sharpening your chainsaws to building a tiled bathroom.


Houzz is no longer just a place to see beautiful pictures of houses. It has evolved into a site that offers real content. The true heart of Houzz are the members’ forums. Here you can meet architects, contractors, designers, and other people working in the trades.

Handyman for the Family

Family Handyman is like many old-school magazines and websites that offer home advice, but its name doesn’t do it justice. Family Handyman may seem like it is only about building swing sets or painting the nursery, but that is not true.

Family Handyman covers all aspects of home remodelling. The graphics from Family Handyman’s magazine and Family Handyman’s older site are still quite small. Family Handyman is creating tutorials, still images and videos to assist you in your home projects.

Taunton’s Fine Homebuilding

Taunton’s is a great source for information on home construction and remodelling, but it’s primarily geared towards professionals. Taunton’s has shifted its focus from a pro-oriented site to more homeowners in recent years. Taunton’s content is often behind paywalls. However, you can still find decent amounts of information for free.

Holly Becker decor

Decor is a design and lifestyle website that’s been in existence since. While stylist and author Holly Becker founded the decorating blog, she’s now getting help from Jessica Santi and Anker Illner. Articles like “The Essential Colours of Scandinavian Interiors in 2020” as well as “Handmade Spotlight from Tree to Sea Ceramics” aid readers in enhancing their homes.

Becker isn’t confined to blogging only. decor8 is available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. In addition, in 2019 Becker created a bi-weekly show named “Hello Holly.” She speaks to other creative designers and interior designers about ideas, trends and projects in the pipeline.

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