A Simple Yet Productive Guide for Those Considering Downsizing 


You may be considering selling your current property and purchasing a smaller home for myriad reasons. Downsizing is a popular choice for people of all ages, and as this is such a big and complicated decision, you need to make sure that every box is ticked and everything is thoroughly checked. To help you do just that, here is a simple productive guide for those considering downsizing.

Declutter Thoroughly!

The most important task, by far, ahead of you should you have decided to downsize to a smaller property is to thoroughly and meticulously declutter every room within your house.

Simple yet useful tips to help you save time when decluttering include, amongst others of course, the following:

  1. Split your belongings into three piles: Charity, Keep & Trash
  2. Ask your children to do the same with theirs (oversee them, of course)
  3. Keep sets together for both ease and value
  4. Always keep in mind the storage availability in your new home
  5. Take one room at a time and each area at a time

Be Aware of Hidden Costs

Something extremely important to remember is, just in the same case as most other endeavors, downsizing inevitably usually costs slightly more than you will have budgeted for, and as such, familiarizing yourself with the additional costs of downsizing will be of benefit.

Especially if the fundamental reason why you have decided to downsize your property in the first place is to save money for other, more recreational pursuits, that you factor into your budget the cost of new furniture, the moving company, and the differing prices with things such as car and home insurance as this is often location dependent.

Hire a Professional Shipping Company

One of the more stressful elements of moving house is having to clear each and every one of your rooms and safely and securely pack your life’s possessions into cardboard boxes.

Instead of handling such matters yourself, you should hire the services of a professional and experienced shipping company, such as Shiply USA, who will provide you with an accurate and no-nonsense quote immediately.

Also, when you hire professionals, you can rest assured that your sentimental and expensive belongings are protected throughout the journey and that, in the unlikely event something happens, your possessions will be fully insured.

Keep a Floor Plan of Your New House with You

If you think about it, there is no way you can be as accurate as possible when choosing what to keep and what to throw away if you cannot remember the layout and the amount of storage space your new home provides.

A floor plan will mean you can assess what each room can hold, in terms of not only storage but larger items of furniture too, as the last thing you want is to spend time and money transporting a sofa bed across town only to have to leave it on the front lawn!

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