Best Furniture Storage Tips During a House Renovation

Furniture Storage

Are you thinking about a house renovation or a move? These are some ways to save time and money on furniture storage.

You know furniture storage and temporary storage can be great solutions if you’re planning on home renovations or moving.

This type of work is very stressful, as workers are constantly in the house and make constant noise. We also know the stress of losing items or fearing that they might be damaged. If you are in Canada you may want to know how to ship furniture across Canada quickly.

We prepared this guide to help you with removals and renovations. It contains six tips that will help you reduce stress at work. You will also find tips for organizing everything so you can save time and money.

Things you don’t need

How much does it cost for furniture storage? It all depends on how many items are stored. The answer is simple: the more you deposit, the lower you’ll pay.

You can take advantage of home renovations to dispose of any goods you don’t need and to clean up. Donate them to charity if they are still useful. Additionally, fewer objects mean less processing time and energy savings.

Make a detailed inventory

There is a high risk of putting objects in a box and not recognizing them after a few items have been withdrawn.

This can be avoided by creating a complete inventory. Assign each box a number, and then on a sheet/file take note of what number corresponds to it. Do you know how much does pod storage cost?

Or write down the contents of one side. You will soon be able to identify which one of the 20 boxes you should return.

Be careful when selecting your materials

Poor-quality or cheap materials can cause damage. You can trust a company that provides disassembly or packaging services for your furniture shop, even for just boxing.

The professional moving companies will execute your order quickly and take care of all logistics, which will guarantee you no stress.

The same applies to furniture disassembly. It is best not to invest too much money but still have the furniture in good condition and ready for reassembling when you return it.

Take the time to read through the quotations

Let’s begin with the basic principle that cheaper does not always equal better. Look carefully at the prices you receive for mobile storage warehouses.

They often don’t include VAT and/or offer discounts for the first month. This can cause prices to soar.

Calculate the actual cost of the temporary deposit that is required to empty the house for renovations or to occupy the rented box. Do not focus on the lowest estimate.

Make sure to book well in advance

Every storage or moving service takes time. Many people must be employed to execute the service. Self-storage companies are often limited in their availability.

Block the service at least 15 calendar days in advance and ask the company whether they offer the possibility to cancel the reservation for free or move the date chosen within a few days. You might find it interesting to review the Faqs which provide the answers to all possible questions.

Visit the website of the company

An example of the quality of a company is a well-designed and functional website. You can get a sense of how serious and prepared the company is by taking a tour of the sites of the companies to which you request a quote. A final tip: Look for companies that offer the option of booking the service or a cost estimate.

This will allow you to instantly know the availability of the furniture storage service for renovation. It also means you can block the prices they show you.

Choose a professional company

Why are you wondering where furniture should be placed during a renovation project? Moving companies offer a transparent and flexible storage option that allows you to only pay for the actual use of the space. Most moving companies provide boxes to rent in predetermined volumes.

You can choose the storage level that corresponds to the number of your objects, and Moving companies will assign you a space according to your needs.

They can arrange collection and delivery wherever and whenever you need. Additionally, they can assist you with disassembly and packaging and unpacking, and eventual disposal.

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